DG Digest: vital transport, extra hand sanitizer, critical infrastructure workforce — agencies respond to the global pandemic

As readers have no doubt already guessed, the global response to the COVID-19 outbreak dominates this week’s regulatory news, with a widening variety of actions now being promulgated to assist the transport industry in coping with the unprecedented situation.  Labelmaster has been designated as an essential business in this circumstance and will continue to operate.  There’s a lot to review this week.  There was also some thankfully normal business dealing with matters other than the pandemic.  Stay safe and observe the necessary restrictions wherever you may be located as we work through this crisis together.  Here is the latest update:

COVID-19 Specific News


The agency relaxed its rule on the 3 ounce limit for carry on aboard aircraft for hand sanitizers.  The temporary new limit is 12 ounces.  The announcement notes however that final authority for allowing the material to pass security will continue to rest with the on-scene TSA officer.  See the notice here.


Under the terms of the national emergency declared by the President, the agency issued a declaration modifying certain sections of the FMCSR to provide relief to operators tasked with vital transport functions.   See the specific actions under the declaration here.


The department issued guidance on identifying what it calls the critical infrastructure workforce.  This workforce will continue to operate in support of providing essential services during the national emergency.  As readers may have already determined themselves, this list includes us: the logistics industry.  See the guidance here.


The organization released a short video giving its current take on the COVID-19 situation and what it views as the appropriate response for ocean carriers and shippers during the emergency.  See the video here.


The organization released the conclusions of an urgent meeting dealing with the pandemic and its now widely known deleterious impact on the airline industry.  See the meeting summary here.


The governing commission published its own set of actions related to the COIVD-19 situation, initiating several multilateral agreements dealing with potential delays to training recertification of dangerous goods operating personnel account the pandemic and its associate restrictions on travel and gathering people together.  See the “In Focus” section on the news page (linked to here) for a summary and sub-links to the relevant agreements and respective contracting parties.


We have compiled the latest information on shipping samples into a web page for your convenience.  Please note that as this situation changes on a day to day basis, such information may become out of date and require modification.  We will update the page as required as soon as such information becomes known.  See the page here.

Other News

Canada TDGR

Transport Canada published its reformatted edition of the TDGR.  This edition conforms its language and format to the standards required by the Canadian Ministry of Justice.  Transport Canada states that no substantive change in content occurred as a result, but users may wish to review the portions most relevant to their operations to verify this.  See the new edition here.


The association released its updated risk assessment guidance for lithium batteries.  The 2020 version takes into account all the latest information updates.  See this updated guidance here.


The agency invites the public to nominate scientific experts from a diverse range of disciplines to be considered for appointment to the TSCA Science Advisory Committee on Chemicals (SACC). The purpose of the SACC is to provide independent advice and expert consultation, at the request of the EPA Administrator, with respect to the scientific and technical aspects of issues relating to implementation of TSCA.  Nominations of candidates to be considered for appointment to the SACC must be received on or before April 20, 2020.  See the notice here.

EPA is announcing that the March 24–26, 2020, TSCA Science Advisory Committee on Chemicals (SACC) meeting is being changed to a virtual public meeting, with participation by phone and webcast only. Meeting times and dates are adjusted to accommodate this change. DATES: Virtual meeting: The meeting will be held on March 24–27, 2020, from 10:00 a.m. to approximately 5:00 p.m. (EDT).  See the change here.

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