New FedEx Ground Hazardous Materials Shipping Requirement Takes Effect Next Month

Beginning Aug. 1, 2011, FedEx Ground is implementing a new hazardous materials shipping rule that requires hazardous materials documentation be completed and submitted electronically. The new requirement is intended to reduce data entry errors and provide accurate information to emergency responders in the event of an incident.

FedEx Ground will require all shippers to complete and submit hazardous materials documentation using:

  • a FedEx electronic shipping solution;
  • a FedEx recognized hazardous materials vendor software application;
  • a FedEx Compatible Solutions Program application; or
  • a custom solution that has the ability to transmit hazardous materials shipping information electronically.

Labelmaster MasterformTM, a FedEx recognized hazardous materials vendor software application, will release an update during the next few days in order to comply with this requirement. Both the online and CD versions of MasterformTM as well as the Dangerous Goods Information Software (DGIS) will include this capability.

For more information on the new shipping requirements, please visit the FedEx Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Materials site.


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