New Inspection Rules for Importing Hazardous Chemicals into China

China has tightened the reins on hazardous chemical imports: beginning Feb. 1, China started compulsory inspections on more than 150 hazardous chemicals and substances brought into the country, specifically focusing on GHS compliance.

The Chemical Inspection and Regulation Service (CIRS) noted that this is the result of an update to China’s 2012 Catalog of Entry & Exit Goods Subject to China’s Entry-Exit Inspection & Quarantine Administrations, which added 160 hazardous chemicals listed in the Catalog of Hazardous Chemicals (2002) to their publication. According to CIRS, any entry/exit goods listed in the Catalog of Entry & Exit Goods shall receive compulsory inspections by China’s entry-exit inspection and quarantine administrations.

CIRS notes that companies exporting those hazardous chemicals to China must apply for an inspection from the local inspection and quarantine authority at the port of entry and provide the following documents:

  • Declaration of conformity;
  • Information on inhibitors and stabilizers (names and quantities);
  • Chinese SDS and samples of hazard communication labels; and
  • Other documents required for customs declaration.

If the goods fail an inspection (for example, SDSs and labels are not compliant), the goods will then be held or be detained by customs.

More information on the new Chinese hazardous chemical import restrictions can be found in CIRS’s article, “China CIQ Has Initiated Strict Inspections on the Import of Hazardous Chemicals since 01 Feb 2012.”


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