Newest Version of RegStick Features Multi-Publication Access, Improved Performance

RegStick | Electronic Regulatory PublicationsLabelmaster recently rolled out RegStick™ 2.0, an update of our novel electronic solution that provides up-to-date regulatory publications on a portable USB drive.

This new release contains several innovative features that improve the RegStick experience:

  • Our library of RegStick regulatory publications is now available from a single stick. Instead of purchasing individual sticks for each regulatory publication, you can now buy additional publication licenses that become available the next time you access your RegStick while connected to the Internet. In other words, a single RegStick can give you access to thousands of pages of regulatory information!
  • We’ve improved the update process in order to help keep your publications as current as possible. Updates are now made to pages and not books, speeding up download times considerably. In addition, publications are now accessible while an update is running, allowing you to find the information you need without any interference. Receiving updates is simple: just access the Internet with your RegStick connected to your computer. If an update is available for one of your publications, you will be notified automatically.

These new features build on the existing strengths of the RegStick, such as its multi-book search function, which allows you to scan multiple regulatory publications and quickly obtain the regulatory information you need. RegStick users also have access to Labelmaster’s exclusive Dangerous Goods Advisor™, a solution that gathers all referenced data on a hazardous material and presents it in an easy-to-read manner.

RegStick provides access to a comprehensive lineup of publications for the safe handling of dangerous goods, including all modes of transport as well as Labelmaster’s exclusive MasterRegs™ and A.I.R. Shipper™ publications.  We also offer regulations from OSHA and EPA. RegStick is compatible with any Windows®-based PC and can be utilized with or without an Internet connection*.

For additional information on RegStick and publications we offer in a portable format, please visit the electronic publications section of the Labelmaster Web site.

*Internet connection required for first-time use, registration and updates.

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