Supply Chain Moves: Week of May 29th, 2023


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Week of May 29th, 2023

Linking supply chain news with dangerous goods compliance

Labor shortages continue to be a challenge across the supply chain. This has businesses looking to further automate their processes and optimize their existing workforce.  

Let’s examine some recent industry news. 



  • Manual compliance processes waste workers’ time. Many tasks are required to put a DG item into transport, so slow compliance processes result in slower supply chain operations, especially for organizations constrained by staffing issues. Relying on manual processes wastes workers’ valuable time by having them repeat routine tasks such as researching DG shipping information or creating compliant documentation. Those wasted minutes impact the overall efficiency and make it more difficult to overcome potentially costly disruptions. 
  • Automation helps optimize labor. By automating DG processes, tasks are performed more quickly and with fewer delays, allowing workers to handle more hazmat shipments in less time or devote more time to higher value activities. Making team members throughout the supply chain more efficient helps businesses grow without having to add more personnel, thereby supporting better staff utilization and helping offset labor shortages.  
  • Training is still important. Even with increased automation, training is still required for employees involved in the shipping and handling of DG. Adopting a modern, technology-driven approach to hazmat training through eLearning helps businesses quickly and effectively train and recertify employees.  

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