Supply Chain Moves: Week of October 26th, 2020

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Week of October 26th, 2020

Linking technology news with Dangerous Goods compliance

The supply chain continues to evolve to keep pace with changing business and commerce landscapes. For many organizations, this requires further investment in technology and innovation.

To help companies keep a pulse on technology trends impacting business and the movement of dangerous goods throughout the supply chain, Labelmaster has launched “Supply Chain Moves,” a bi-weekly report linking the latest technology news to dangerous goods compliance.

Let’s examine the recent supply chain technology and industry news.



  • Holistic Transportation Management: A Look Forward: Transportation management systems continue to evolve in response to changing customer requirements and market conditions. Is it time for you to invest in a new TMS or possibly invest in one for the first time?
  • Your Guide to Inventory Management Software: Inventory management software is a must for developing a process of tracking and managing your inventory, especially as your business scales. Here’s how inventory management software works.

Technology & Dangerous Goods Compliance

E-commerce is booming. According to ACI Worldwide, global e-commerce sales rose 28% in June, marking the largest year-over-year increase since the beginning of the pandemic. And it doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

This presents tremendous growth opportunities for many organizations. For some, it may also require further investment in technology and automation, as Konstantin Bohmeyer pointed out in her recent Supply & Demand Chain Executive article. Not only can technology make the supply chain faster and more efficient, as Bohmeyer highlights in her article, it can also open the door to shipping more types of products – specifically hazmat.

Shipping dangerous goods is complex and complicated, so some companies shy away from these items. Yet there are customers who want to receive these products, and your competition is shipping to them compliantly every day.

But what if you could use a tested, accepted, and easy-to-use software solution that made shipping hazmat simple, how much additional revenue could your operation make? That’s the basis of the new DGIS Challenge, where you can feed numbers from your operation into a simple calculator to see how hazmat software can help you execute more hazmat shipments every day.

Automating the hazmat shipping process and better ensure compliance and open the door to significant possibilities in the types of products you ship, how you ship them and how your supply chain network operates. This can help unlock hidden demand and revenue for your organization. Ask yourself:

  • If you added new offerings without worrying about the added complexity, how much additional revenue could your operation make?
  • If you shipped DG from each of your locations, every day, how much additional revenue could your operation make?
  • If you felt comfortable shipping DG by air as well as ground, how much additional revenue could your operation make?

Hazmat shipping software can give organizations a huge advantage. To find out how much additional revenue your operation can make, take the DGIS Challenge or email Mario Sagastume.

To learn more about dangerous goods software or how to establish a safer, more compliant supply chain, visit

Have questions about dangerous goods transport? Call the Labelmaster Regulatory Hotline at 1.800.621.5808.

DGIS Challenge: You can make more money shipping hazmat. We'll prove it.

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