Supply Chain Moves: Week of September 5th, 2022


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Week of September 5th, 2022

Linking supply chain news with dangerous goods compliance

Even as organizations struggle to address current supply chain challenges, many are looking ahead at the technologies and strategies they need to implement now to be successful in the future.  

Let’s examine some recent industry news.


  • The Future is Smart Robotics: For most companies, the question is no longer if they should embrace robotics, but when, where, and how many. 


  • The future is linked to technology. The future of the supply chain is closely tied to the evolution and adoption of technology. Whether through automation, machine learning, data transparency or other strategies, modern, forward-thinking businesses are embracing digital technologies to drive every part of the supply chain forward. And the DG industry is no different.  
  • Compliance is falling behind. The need for better DG processes and technology is not new. The 2021 Global DG Confidence Outlook found that only 25% of DG pros believe their organization’s current infrastructure is equipped to meet future needs. The good news is that making meaningful improvements in your DG management operations doesn’t have to be difficult or require a significant investment. Look for simple ways to automate compliance processes, improve employee training, integrate systems or refine your packaging strategy.  
  • Compliance will always matter. Compliance will always be a key part of the supply chain. It will also continue to evolve as new goods emerge, regulations change and organizations expand and adjust their supply chains. To truly prepare for the future, DG organizations must understand the role of compliance within their supply chains and invest in the tools and resources necessary to ensure their DG operations can keep pace and won’t be a roadblock to their other investment and innovation efforts. 

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