The new DG Exchange: Your connection to the Dangerous Goods supply chain community

Not long ago, a longtime friend and colleague told us, “I wish the Dangerous Goods Symposium could somehow happen all year long.”

That idea – a year-round place where supply chain and business professionals can connect and share their questions, insights and experience about Dangerous Goods—was the inspiration for the DG Exchange.

Launching August 10, the DG Exchange is the Dangerous Goods industry’s first digital community, where supply chain pros from different organizations can come together to both positively impact their businesses and make the DG supply chain safer. The community offers a wide range of opportunities to:

  • Access insightful content and share/request resources
  • Attend educational events and training sessions
  • Engage with peers through open forums and other networking opportunities

Labelmaster Vice President of Marketing & Product Management Robert Finn says, “Shipping Dangerous Goods is complex and high risk, leaving professionals at various levels of organizations looking for information, searching to find answers to questions or simply trying to stay on top of the latest trends, challenges and regulatory changes. The DG Exchange is a one of a kind place where the entire supply chain can exchange ideas and information related to hazmat in order to improve supply chain performance, compliance, safety, and profitability.”

So what exactly will you find in the DG Exchange, and how can it help make your hazmat transport operations safer and more efficient? Let’s take a closer look.

A quick tour of every DG Exchange section

The DG Exchange combines live forums and published resources to give all members the information they need to navigate Dangerous Goods issues, challenges, and trends.

Once you join, you’ll have unlimited, free access to every section of the DG Exchange. You’ll be able to make connections with other supply chain pros and industry experts, chat about issues that impact your business, and dive deep into resources from myriad sources to find the insights you need.

Here’s a quick tour:

  • Member Directory: Need to find someone who know DG regulations for southeast Asia? Check the interactive map and connect with a member who works there!
  • Groups: This is where you’ll find focused, on-going discussions about specific hazmat-related topics. More on this below.
  • Events: Connect with live virtual events, recorded webinars and—someday soon, we hope—links to in-person events. (This is also where you’ll find the 2020 Dangerous Goods Symposium.)
  • Resources: Articles, blog posts, infographics, podcasts and more—with insights from subject matter experts that can give your operation a competitive edge.
  • Forums: This is where you’ll find focused, on-going discussions about specific hazmat-related topics. Don’t see the information you need? Start your own conversation!

Join now and take a look around!

Five places to start and join conversations

Dangerous Goods transport isn’t just one subject—it’s more like a university where every “college” has its own curriculum and requires its own level of expertise.

That’s why the DG Exchange offers five distinct groups where you can start and join conversations:

  • Regulations: Dangerous Goods regulations make up several thousand-page books, and there are new wrinkles every week. Here’s where you can get help navigating them all.
  • Technology in the Supply Chain: From blockchain to warehouse management to artificial intelligence, keep up with the world’s most advanced hazmat operations.
  • Supply Chain Management: C-suites have finally woken up to the importance of safe, efficient supply chains. Get insights you can share to secure the resources you need.
  • Training: Top Dangerous Goods managers know the right training practices can unlock higher performance throughout the operation. Make it happen with tips and insights here.
  • Lithium Batteries: Everyone’s favorite topic deserves its own group, right? Find the help you need to stay on top of new regulations and operator variations.

There’s also a Hazard Class 13 group, with live chats on whatever’s trending—a great way to stay in touch with your connections around the industry.

Plus, every group has links to resources and events specifically related to that topic. So if you’re participating in a chat in the Lithium Batteries group, for example, you’re just one click away from the latest articles members have contributed about lithium batteries.

Is there a group you think should exist, but doesn’t? Let us know!

Property of the entire Dangerous Goods community

We built the DG Exchange, and we’ll manage it, but it’s really the property of the entire Dangerous Goods supply chain community. That means you!

You get to start the conversations. You get to make the connections. You get to post articles, blog posts and other resources you believe other members will find helpful. You—and thousands of professionals like you—will determine how fast the DG Exchange grows and what directions it will take.

And it all starts August 10. Join today!

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