Will You Be Ready for June 1, 2015?

H121200On June 1, 2015, Chemical Manufacturers, Importers, Distributors and Employers must comply with the modified provision of Hazcom 2012/GHS.

Labelmaster has a number of resources to help you in your transition:

MSDS to SDS Conversion Services:

We have partnered with an expert service provider in MSDS to SDS conversion and GHS compliance to help your business comply quickly, easily and hassle-free with the new global harmonization system.

No matter how many MSDSs you have to convert to the new SDS format, our service can take on the task for you and save a few headaches along the way:

Infographic_GHS_SDS Conversion

Custom Small Container Labeling:

In addition to providing MSDS Conversion Services, we are at the ready to help you with the labeling of your containers, no matter how small. To discuss your custom labeling needs, the types of containers your chemicals will reside please give us a call at 1-800-621-5808.

HCS 2012/GHS Products:

Includes everything you need to get your facility into compliance with the new standard, including training products, pictogram labels, SDS binders and stations, facility signage and custom labels.


To get yourself up to speed on the changes OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard and the coming changes, please visit: http://www.labelmaster.com/ghs/



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