Working Group to Begin Latest Revisions to ICAO Technical Instructions

This week sees the start of the new ICAO TI revision biennium!  The 2013 regulations haven’t hit our collective desks yet and the ICAO experts are sitting down to talk about the next set of changes coming in 2015. Don’t you wish the politicians were as proactive?! And we’ve already seen some important variations to the 2013 version.  As I mentioned at DGIS last month (don’t you wish you’d been there?), the major courier outfits are requiring a dangerous goods transport document (shipper’s declaration for those folks using old-style regulations) for category 1B lithium battery shipments. You haven’t heard about category 1B shipments yet? Turn to packing instruction 965 when you get your 2013 AIR Shipper.

I’ll be keeping you up-to-date on developments here in Montreal.

ICAO Working Group of the Whole 12 – Meeting Links:

On a separate note, my boss isn’t in the office this morning, though you wouldn’t know it from the emails she sends me. Turns out she’s in Irvine, California, at a Transport Review Board meeting. Something to do with security I believe. That got me to thinking about the number and type of conferences, trade shows, seminars and meetings that Labelmaster attends each year. It’s mind-boggling the investment LM makes in making sure that not only are our products and services current, but our clients and customers are alerted to any roadblocks ahead! Something to think about when you’re reading a tweet or blog entry direct from a UN meeting in Geneva!


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  1. Erwin Sigrist, ICAO-DGP-Adviser of CEFIC said:

    Important Variations? I doubt Neil. The number of variations is increasing every year. Only a few years ago we had approx 400, meanwhile the number has doubled! States and Operators should stick to the rules in the ICAO TI’s. They’re sufficiently detailed.And quite a number of these variations are superfluous. If States and Operators are not happy with the existing regulations they should actively participate in the work of the DG-Panel!

    • Neil McCulloch said:

      You get no argument from me on that score Erwin! But at least in air mode, the variations are known. Other modes have hidden “variations” that can change without warning. I’m thinking maritime. Of course, in AIR Shipper, Labelmaster’s field manual of the regulations (just got my 2013 copy this morning!), we try to simplify and organize the variations so their easier to use. This year has a new quick reference index showing who’s changed what – and you’re right, there’s a lot of changes. Got a couple of ideas however, I’ll run them by you in Montreal next week.

      • John R. RYAN said:

        Hi Neil,

        may I ask you to contact me via my e-mail:

        when you have a moment to spare, I have a question relating to some info I have found in the 2013 AIR Shipper (newly purchased via Labeline UK)


        John R. RYAN