16 reasons you’ll want to attend the 2021 Dangerous Goods Symposium

We’re barely a month from the 2021 Dangerous Goods Symposium, and excitement is building for the most important hazmat supply chain event of the year.

Since this will be the 16th annual Symposium, we’ve compiled a list of 16 reasons you should join us, starting September 13!

  1. The world’s top DG experts trainers, shippers, carriers and regulators. This year’s schedule features sessions you won’t find anywhere else, with people you might never be able to connect with anywhere else. There’s no better source for insights, new ideas and best practices.
  2. It’s free! This year’s Symposium will once again be all-virtual, so you can attend every last minute of it at absolutely no cost.
  3. You don’t have to fly to Chicago. As much as we all love Chicago in September, we know airports, taxis and hotels can be a hassle. Of course if you really want to visit Chicago, let us know and we’ll join you for dinner at your favorite eatery.
  4. The latest ideas and best practices in Dangerous Goods training. The 2021 Symposium kicks off with our Training Roundtable, featuring a panel of training experts and regulators discussing the latest challenges and trends, with a smart look into the future.
  5. Regulatory updates—domestic and international. Get detailed analyses of what to expect from PHMSA, the US Postal Inspection Service, CIQUIME, IATA and more.
  6. You can watch sessions with your dog. You could invite a cat, too, but they just don’t care. Besides, you can’t spell “dog” without D and G.
  7. A full pallet of lithium battery information. No Symposium would be complete without sessions on lithium battery shipping regulations, and this year we have two: “Are My Lithium Batteries Safe to Transport?” featuring a quartet of Labelmaster experts, and our traditional Friday morning Lithium Battery Panel, during which the conversation often gets—wait for it—highly charged.
  8. Attend as many or as few sessions as you want. Sessions will be spread over two weeks starting Monday, September 13, with one or two a day. You can attend every one of them, or just one or two that really align with your operation, and get plenty of work done in between.
  9. Cybersecurity, infrastructure and chemical facility anti-terrorism updates. Compliance in the hazmat supply chain doesn’t just protect people from accidents; it also protects populations from attacks. Hear the latest from representatives of US Homeland Security.
  10. Key data to share with your C-suite. According to the 2021 DG Global Confidence Outlook, only thirty-eight percent of DG pros strongly agree that their company’s senior leaders are aware of DG supply chain challenges. This panel will help you get on their radar.
  11. Q & A for all sessions. Feeling overwhelmed at the amount of information on tap this year? Don’t worry! Every session will feature a Q & A where you can pick the experts’ brains for clarifications or additional info.
  12. A window on post-pandemic supply chains. The pandemic changed, well, everything—but which supply chain changes are permanent? This session will dive into trends in regulations, driver issues, and shifts in truck and rail freight for hazardous materials.
  13. Marketing tips for hazmat trainers. Why do hazmat trainers need marketing skills? Because so many organizations opt for the bare minimum, when more extensive training can actually enhance a company’s profitability. This session will help you make that story more impactful.
  14. Insight into 2021’s maritime disasters. One container ship gets wedged diagonally across the Suez Canal, costing shippers billions in delays. Another explodes into flame in the Indian Ocean. See why these disasters matter to Dangerous Goods shippers.
  15. Better preparation for a PHMSA Inspection. Why has your company been selected for inspection? What violations are they most likely to find? And what can you do about it afterward? Find out during this expert session.
  16. You don’t have to wear pants. Somehow, this pandemic joke never gets old.

Important detail for the 2021 DG Symposium

This year’s Symposium, like last year’s, will be hosted on the DG Exchange. To join these sessions live (or watch them on-demand later), you’ll need to be a DG Exchange member. If you haven’t already, you can set up a free account there in just minutes.

Don’t miss the Dangerous Goods event of the year—register now for the 2021 DG Symposium!

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