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PHMSA Releases Halloween Revisions to the 49 CFR

With the end of the government’s partial shutdown, USDOT/PHMSA has returned to full operation and has joined the ranks of government agencies promulgating new, revised, or corrected regulatory information.    On October 31st, 2013, the Federal Register contained a set of revisions to the 49 CFR representing the first substantive change to the regulations in the

Free Label Templates – Easy to Use and Print Using Your Own Hardware

Never hand-write company or other important information on your labels again! Labelmaster is proud to help customers maintain legible and professional self-imprinted information on their labels using standard office software and common in-house printers. For more, see for a full description of our template offering.

Hazmat Regulations: Choose the Best Source to Stay Current

In order to legally ship hazardous materials in the United States, you must have reliable access to the most current and correct transportation regulations.  Although your first inclination may be to turn to the federal government, understand that the government may not be most timely option for supplying the updated regulatory information.

Introducing the Snap & Secure G2G Pallet and Crate Seal, Exclusively from Labelmaster

The G2G security seal is the only pallet and crate seal that can be easily applied without tools. Great for use on both steel and poly strapping from 1/2″ to 3/4″, these self-locking seals are made of strong, polycarbonate, clear plastic with a breaking strength of more than 100 PSI. The seal breaks at strategic