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What customers are saying about Labelmaster’s new line of CurTec shipping products

What customers are saying about Labelmaster’s new line of CurTec shipping products

Recently, Labelmaster announced the addition of CurTec high-performance plastic containers, drums and pails to our already robust packaging offering—allowing us to provide the industry’s broadest assortment of UN-certified primary containers. For Dangerous Goods (DG) pros, the lineup may be the right packaging solution to fit their needs for safe and compliant shipping. Here’s what we’ve

How our new packaging partnership makes large format lithium battery transport easier.

With electric vehicles now making up 7% of new car sales in the U.S.—and registrations 63% higher than one year ago—it’s clear that EV technology is changing how Americans drive. It’s also changing how car companies and dealers handle breakdowns, accidents and other routine automotive incidents. After more than a century of working with petroleum-powered

New DOT Special Permit makes Capsuloc™ secondary hazmat containers even more essential.

Last year, we introduced Capsuloc™—an innovative new secondary hazmat container that was superior to paint can-style secondary containers in almost every way. Now, there’s no “almost” about it. On May 10, 2023, PHMSA issued Special Permit DOT-SP 21488, which gives Capsuloc relief from regulatory burdens similar to the relief received by other Special Permit packaging

6 ways Capsuloc™ secondary hazmat containers can make your operation more efficient

No one really likes paint can-style secondary hazmat containers, but we’ve been putting up with them (and all their related headaches) for decades. Why? Because there hasn’t been a better alternative. Now there is. New Capsuloc™ finally gives Dangerous Goods shippers an alternative to the paint can, and lots of shippers are already kicking the