DG Digest: Federal agencies publish semi-annual agendas

After a busy regulatory period for the last blog entry, this last week featured a much quieter time. Meanwhile summer goes on, so keep watching those heat safety risks. And don’t forget to have a little fun—August is the last month of summer, so be sure to try and enjoy it! Here’s the latest news:

Semi-Annual Regulatory Agendas

A number of federal agencies have published their semi-annual agendas. These provide a look at what any given agency plans in reference to its part of the CFR over the next six months period. See below to links to agendas from some relevant agencies:

CPSC: 2023-14554.pdf

DOE: 2023-14543.pdf

EPA: 2023-14551.pdf

GSA: 2023-14553.pdf


DHS: 2023-14545.pdf

DOL: 2023-14548.pdf

DOT: 2023-14549.pdf

NRC: 2023-14565.pdf

RSIC: 2023-14540.pdf

STB: 2023-14567.pdf

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