DG Digest: PHMSA asks for renewal of IRC on shipping papers use and functionality

The FRA released a pair of Information Collection Requests (ICR’s) related to railroad worker safety and grade crossing incident rates. A BNSF train approaches a grade crossing in Auburn, Washington during a brief break in otherwise stormy weather on February 10th, 2018. Photo © 2/2018 by Nikki Burgess; all rights reserved.

As the nation celebrated Mardi Gras last week and then got down to the business of waiting out the rest of the winter season (I know I’m tired of it!) another slowish week in the regulatory world unfolded.  It did however see an information collection request from PHMSA about shipping papers—the first action other than those related to special permits that the agency has published in quite some time.  Here’s all the latest:


The agency published a request to renew for three years an information collection request (ICR) that asks submitters about their use and the degree of functionality of shipping papers. The notice explains the importance of shipping papers to transport safety and asks both shippers and carriers to submit information. See the notice for renewal here


The agency published an ICR related to the use and material condition of rotating work platforms and aerial lifts mounted aboard vehicles. Units of this type are commonly used by power companies, cable companies, and any operation that may service elevated infrastructure. If you’re in that business, here’s the request—check it out


In a week filled with ICR’s the FRA has a pair also—one related to the report of accident and incident rates affecting railroad workers, as well as  an ICR requesting information about the incidence rate of accident events involving grade crossings and potentially impaired workers. Here are the notices:


In CDL news, the agency is issuing a limited waiver of requirements to make it easier for commercial drivers displaced from Puerto Rico by hurricanes last summer to get a CDL here on the mainland. Tens of thousands of American citizens from the commonwealth have relocated to the continental United States in the aftermath of the devastating storms; this action will help professional drivers find work.  See the notice here

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