DG Digest: PHMSA issues new special permits and Transport Canada proposes new fee program for packaging stakeholders

The last week found a few places around our country seeing their first snowfall of the season—mostly just dustings, but a reminder that we all need to prepare for the change that is coming.  Be sure your workplace safety plan is ready to protect your employees if snowy and icy walks, lots, and driveways are part of your site’s winter expectations.  Slips and falls constitute a large number of workplace injuries.  Meanwhile, here’s this week’s regulatory update:


The agency renewed the charter of the National Advisory Committee on Occupational Safety and Health (NACOSH).  The stakeholder led committee advises the agency on effective ways to achieve productive regulatory implementation.  See the renewal here


The agency published three sets of Special Permit actions.  As is often the case, the actions focused primarily on cylinders, lithium batteries, and portable tank transport.  See the actions at these links:

Transport Canada

Canada’s analog to PHMSA published a set of documents related to its proposed new fee program for packaging stakeholders.  The issue is only in the discussion phase and the agency is seeking input from those affected.  See the discussion document and FAQ sheets at the links here:

The agency’s partner Canadian Standards Association (CSA) has released the draft of the update to safety standard CSA B625, “Portable tanks for the transport of dangerous goods” for a 60-day consultation period. Once the safety standard has been finalized and published, a notice will be issued specifying the coming into force date of the updated standard.  See the draft update here

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