DG Digest: PHMSA published handling and treatment guidance for end-of-life lithium batteries

Here we are with the end of May beginning to approach already. The Memorial Day holiday will mark the unofficial beginning of the summer for many people. Be sure that you plan your holiday safely and be sure as well to take time to remember the reason the holiday exists, and the sacrifices so many brave Americans have made so that we can enjoy our summers in peace and freedom. It was a pretty quiet week in the regulatory world. However, PHMSA did release a new lithium battery guidance document, and things like that are always of interest to a wide audience. Here’s the latest:


The agency published a guidance document outlining its recommendations for the handling and treatment of both damaged and defective lithium batteries as well as such batteries intended for recycling. While the document bears no new rules per se, it is a useful distillation of what the agency sees as the proper way to identify, package, mark, label, and prepare documents for such batteries. Shippers that prepare and ship such batteries would do well to carefully review the document and make sure that their procedures reflect the guidance. See the document here.

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