DG Digest: PHMSA to hold public meeting on 2020 ERG

Sunday was Mothers’ Day; here’s hoping all the Moms out there got the “royal treatment.”  Thank you for all you do!  The week was a little busy in the regulatory sense; here’s all the latest:


The agency published a proposed new ICR that will affect the manufacturers of small unmanned aircraft (drones) and that will track the content and promulgation of the mandatory safety statement to owners that must be included at sale of the aircraft.  FAA reports there are over four hundred and fifty such manufacturers in the US as of February, 2019.  See the ICR here

In further “drone news” the agency also announced an ICR aimed at drone owners.  The collection will require information about registration of the aircraft.  See the announcement here


The agency announced that it would a public meeting on June 17th to seek public input to assist it in preparation of the upcoming 2020 edition of the Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG).  The ERG is the go-to guide for emergency responders dealing with hazmat incidents across the North American continent.  Here’s your portal to participate

The agency also published the latest raft of special permit actions.  As usual, they primarily concern cylinders, lithium batteries, and assorted unique shipping situations.  See the actions here:




The agency also announced the renewal of a number of ICR’s.  The various items include provisions in the HMR involving the transportation of radioactive materials in commerce. Information collection requirements for RAM include: Documenting testing and engineering evaluations for packages, documentation for DOT 7A packages, revalidation of foreign competent authority certifications, providing specific written instruction of exclusive use shipment controls, providing written instructions for exclusive use shipment controls, obtaining U.S. competent authority for package design, registering with U.S. competent authority as user of a package, and request for a U.S. competent authority for special form.  See all the details here


The agency announced a three day public meeting of the advisory board that assists it with the new ele4ctronic manifest system for hazardous waste transport.  The meeting will be June 18-20 and will discuss important new implementation guidance, as well as the user fee structure to be imposed.  See the details right here

Transport Canada

The Canadian Standards Association announced proposed revisions to three of its standards that govern the manufacture, testing, and use of highway and portable tanks in the transport of dangerous goods.  The revisions will be open for public comment.  There is a summary page for each standard proposal; see them right here:

CSA B620: https://publicreview.csa.ca/Home/Details/3373   

CSA B621: https://publicreview.csa.ca/Home/Details/3374

CSA B622: https://publicreview.csa.ca/Home/Details/3375

UK Dangerous Goods News

The UK announced that it became a party to ADR Multilateral Agreement M318, which authorizes the limited use of USDOT approved cylinders in the carriage of certain Class 2 gases in ground transport in the territory of accepting parties.   France is also a party to this agreement protocol.  See the UK authorization document here

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