DG Digest: Should training providers be able to administer CDL skills testing?

The summer doldrums continue in the regulatory sector, with minimal activity underway.  The FMCSA is the big player this week, with a significant proposal to modify CDL driver testing standards.  Here’s all the latest:


The agency proposes to allow States to permit a third party skills test examiner to administer the Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) skills test to applicants to whom the examiner has also provided skills training. Under this proposal, States would have the option to permit this practice, which is currently prohibited under FMCSA rules. The Agency believes that allowing States to permit this practice could alleviate CDL skill testing delays and reduce inconvenience and cost for third party testers and CDL applicants, without negatively impacting safety.  See this significant change here.


The agency is announcing the availability of, and seeking comment on, a document related to CPSC’s efforts to address carbon monoxide poisoning hazards from portable generators, NIST Technical Note 2048, ‘‘Simulation and Analysis Plan to Evaluate the Impact of CO Mitigation Requirements for Portable Generators.’’ The technical details are available here.


The agency is providing notice to the public and chemical facilities regulated under the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS) that it is commencing full implementation of the CFATS Personnel Surety Program at all high-risk chemical facilities. CFATS requires regulated chemical facilities to implement security measures designed to ensure that certain individuals with or seeking access to the restricted areas or critical assets at those chemical facilities are screened for terrorist ties. The CFATS Personnel Surety Program enables regulated chemical facilities to meet this requirement. See program details and requirements here.

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