DG Digest: USPS to require triple packaging for most liquids

The Surface Transportation Board (STB) announced a new vacancy on its Shipper’s Transportation Advisory Board, which advises the agency on issues of concern to that part of the industry.  A BNSF coal train cruises north along Commencement Bay in Tacoma, Washington on Sunday, March 10th, 2019.  Image ©3/2019 by Nikki Burgess; all rights reserved.

The St. Patrick’s Day holiday found regulatory activity at moderate pace.  Perhaps the biggest news?  The US Post Office released its long awaited updated to the rules for shipping liquids in the mail.  See that, and all the latest news, right here:


The agency published three sets of special permit actions.  As is typically the case, the permits mainly pertain to portable tanks, sundry issues with batteries, and cylinders.  To have a look, check our links:


Although not specifically aimed at hazardous materials per se, the Postal Service has published its final rule pertaining to the mailing of liquids.  The rule imposes requirements which will be familiar to many hazmat shippers, including mandates to:

  • Mark packages containing liquids “Liquid”
  • Apply applicable orientation arrow markings
  • Imposes a “triple packaging” requirement, meaning that there will be a requirement for a positively closed inner container, absorbent to deal with releases, and both intermediate and outer packagings.  Some of these requirements may vary by total volume being shipped   

To see the rule in its entirety and learn more about how it may impact your mailing operations, check our link


The Surface Transportation Board announced a vacancy on its Shipper Transportation Advisory Board.  The board helps the STC address concerns in the industry related to shipper problems, including hazardous materials.  See the vacancy announcement here

Transport Canada

Our northern neighbor’s analog to PHMSA announced it is accepting public comments on its own version of the international harmonization (think a “Canadian HM-215O,” so to speak) until May 27th.  The agency has published a consultation document to assist stakeholders in understanding how the agency is viewing the current situation. Here’s a link


The carrier released an updated hazardous materials table for its ground hazardous materials shipping guide.  See the revised table here

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