Federal agencies publish list of civil penalty fee amount adjustments

Many federal agencies are adjusting their civil penalty fines to account for annual inflation.

Welcome back, everyone, and Happy New Year! Here comes 2023! Hopefully, everyone had a safe and happy holiday season. Now it’s time to bear down, grit our teeth, and slog through the rest of the winter. It’s also time for another year of the DG Digest, and we’ll do our best to keep bringing you the most relevant regulatory news each week in this column. So, with that being said, let’s take a quick look at what went on to close out 2022 and kick off 2023:

Civil Penalty Fee Adjustments

It’s that time of year again—many federal agencies are adjusting their civil penalty fees to account for annual inflation, which as we all know was rather significant last year. Here are links to the agencies that have published adjustment notices so far:


The agency published its final risk determination under the TSCA for trichlorethylene. That is a substance often used in labs and clean areas for helping clean and care for electronics.

If your facility uses it, you may want to take a look HERE.


The agency published an ICR related to its program for Hazardous Materials Safety Permits. Such permits are often necessary for carriers in many ground transport scenarios.

See the ICR HERE.


The UNECE has published the text of the revised 2023 edition of the EU ADR. The ADR is the ground transport regulatory equivalent of the 49 CFR for the European Union and many other countries not signatory do use the text as the basis for their own set of equivalent regulations.

See the new file HERE.

Hazmat Shipping Interview

As a bonus feature this week, here’s a link to a recent interview that Labelmaster’s Director of Regulatory Compliance, Brian Beetz, conducted with the EHS Daily Advisor. Brian covers the upcoming regulatory landscape around the transport of—what else—hazardous materials.

Listen to the interview HERE.

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