Infographic | Shipping Lithium Batteries

When shipping lithium batteries, which are classified as Dangerous Goods, maintaining compliance can be tricky. This infographic provides an overview of the regulations governing the movement of these increasingly common energy cells.

Infographic | Shipping Lithium Batteries


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  1. Ed Ingersoll said:

    We ship tablets/POS Computers etc. with Lithium Batteries and reading the Federal Register made it more confusing. Can you provide or do you have a book or pamphlet that I could purchase that would provide me the information I need for shipping equipment with these batteries.

    Thank you

  2. Isak Sandström said:

    I do not understand the infographic.. 3090 vs. 3480 what? 3090 cells or 3090Wh? I want to ship a 2060Wh battery pack (alone) from thailand to sweden in the end of march 2020.. is it possible??. It makes no difference if it is packed in a fire-proof box or is mostly discharged?

    • Labelmaster said:

      Hello Isak,

      Hmmm…that is a great question, please give our regulatory department a call for clarification. You can reach them from outside the U.S. at +1 773-478-0900.


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