Raise your confidence—and your performance—with Dangerous Goods automation

Every year, our Global Dangerous Goods Confidence Outlook surveys supply chain professionals from around the world and shares the results. It’s an important resource for any organization in the hazmat supply chain.

Why do supply chain leaders care so much about confidence? Two reasons:

  1. Confident compliance is essential for running a safe, efficient, profitable Dangerous Goods operation.
  2. In the complex world of hazmat transport, confidence can be hard to achieve.

(As evidence of #2, one result from the 2022 DG Confidence Outlook is that 40% of DG pros worldwide call automating DG processes through technology “problematic.”)

No matter how highly you rate your confidence in your own organization’s hazmat compliance, it’s safe to say that the more confident you become, the better your operation will perform. (We’ll talk about the many reasons for that below.) And if gaining confidence is an essential goal, it’s important to find ways to make it happen.

One of the best (and simplest) ways to generate more confident compliance is to automate your hazmat shipping compliance by integrating our DGIS solution with your automation platform. DGIS can make you more confident in everything from the compliance of individual shipments to the performance of your global operation.

Here’s how.

Why does Dangerous Goods compliance confidence matter?

When you have confidence, you feel better. It’s a scientific fact.

“We know from brain imaging studies that when we are thinking positively, we activate what we call ‘the value areas’ of the brain in regions including the striatum and prefrontal cortex. When we feel confident, we engage circuits involved in reward and pleasure and we literally feel good.” — Neuroscientist Stacie Grossman Bloom, NYU Langone Health

But confidence doesn’t make your Dangerous Goods operation more profitable just by helping you feel good about it. Confidence in your compliance helps you grow your business without being held back by fears of the delays, penalties or costly incidents that result from non-compliance.

When you’re confident in your compliance, you can:

  • Add more Dangerous Goods items to your portfolio—and meet the demand your competitors may shy away from
  • Ship hazmat by every mode—road, rail, sea and air—no matter how complex the regulations may be
  • Ship hazmat anywhere in the world, domestic or international
  • Handle hazmat from every location in your organization
  • Discover new hazmat-related revenue sources and take advantage of them promptly

Many organizations simply don’t have the confidence to expand their Dangerous Goods operations. If you have that confidence, you’re always a few steps ahead of the competition.

How does DGIS give you more confidence in your compliance?

Integrating DGIS with your ERP, TMS or WMS platform can boost your confidence by making hazmat compliance a core element of your operation—from the details of individual packages to the full scope of your organization.

Nailing the details. When DGIS is integrated with your existing automation platform, hazmat documentation and validation—based on the latest regulatory updates—appear in the same window as all your other shipping information. Users only have to sign on once, with no need to look at two systems or different screens. That helps your teams get all the details right:

  • Correct documentation for every transport mode and destination country
  • Every required documentation field showing correct information
  • Every label and mark in its correct place on the package
  • Every carrier variation accounted for

Dangerous Goods compliance is all about the details. When you know you’re getting them right, you can’t help but be more confident.

Keeping workflows seamless. Since DGIS works in the same platform your teams use every day, it  makes Dangerous Goods processing a seamless part of your normal workflows. Workers are automatically alerted when a shipment requires Dangerous Goods documentation, labeling and marking, and they never even have to change screens. Plus, DGIS is super-fast and easy to use.

When hazmat compliance is part of the processes your teams execute every day, it’s easy to be confident that they’re doing it right.

Making data available everywhere, instantly. DGIS also makes all your master data and parts information available on every screen in your organization. That means anyone, at any location, can instantly bring up the data they need to process any item or material your organization handles.

Knowing everyone, everywhere has the information they need to ship every hazmat item compliantly gives you the reassurance you need to be confident in your global compliance.

DGIS gives you the confident compliance you need

Being confident in your Dangerous Goods compliance is essential to keeping your operation competitive—yet the complexity of hazmat regulations and the uncertainties of the global supply chain can make confidence hard to find.

Integrating DGIS with your automation platform will help you gain new confidence in your compliance and keep that confidence at a high level. And, in today’s environment, that confidence can give you a tremendous competitive edge.

Ready to see what DGIS can do for your operation?

Make sure your shipments are safe and in complete compliance with a full line of solutions from Labelmaster—a full-service provider of goods and services for hazardous materials and Dangerous Goods professionals, shippers, transport operators and EH&S providers.


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