The Hazmat Holiday Gift Guide for last-minute shoppers

Hazmat Holiday Gift Guide 2016

You’re a busy hazmat professional. Who has time to shop for holiday gifts?

Fortunately, you’re a hazmat professional. Some of the stuff you see and use every day can, with a little imagination, make clever gifts for just about anyone on your list. Plus you have access to the toughest, most durable packaging anywhere.

This Hazmat Holiday Gift Guide will save you the trouble of scouring your warehouse or flipping page-by-page through our entire website. Ready, set, shop!

  1. Have a teenager at home? There’s an appropriate workplace safety sign for his or her bedroom door! We’d suggest a hearing protection sign for kids who like to blast their “music,” or a hazardous waste sign for kids responsible (ha!) for cleaning their own rooms.bedroom-door-signs
  2. What’s up with those bracelets that are basically just thick rubber bands? Start a new personal accessory trend by giving people plastic security seals with clever, personalized messages. Or amuse the tattoo-and-piercings crowd with personalized metal seals. Edgy!
  3. Help new parents keep the chaos in check with a 25-gallon spill kit caddie. If you think a hazmat spill kit is too extreme for cleaning up after a newborn, keep in mind that New Year’s Eve is also right around the corner.25-gallon Spilltech Kaddie spill kit
  4. We are not making this up: Some universities now let students play around in rooms full of bubble wrap to relieve end-of-semester stress. Give the college students on your list the gift of playful, noisy, stress-popping relief with their very own rolls of hazmat-tough bubble wrap.
  5. Even the sharpest hazmat pro needs a little relationship advice. Download our famous Hazard Class Zodiac infographic, frame it and give it to your favorite single Dangerous Goods professional.What's Your Hazard Class Zodiac Sign?
  6. It’s not too late to give someone their very own 2016 Emergency Response Guidebook. The ERG is perfect for that brother-in-law who has a take-charge attitude but rarely finds himself in a situation requiring taking charge of.
  7. Then again, if someone already has a 2016 ERG, you can always get them a lovely Emergency Response Guidebook holder. For many DG pros, the ERG is a coffee table book, and they don’t want spilled coffee ruining it.2016-ERG-Books
  8. Do you brew your own beer? Share it in style with UN-certified glass packaging. Sure, it’s more expensive than traditional bottles, but it gives your home brew a mystique no hipster microbrewery can match. Plus, you can ship it anywhere with the right labeling.
  9. Once you’ve picked your perfect gifts, make sure you ship them safely and compliantly! Labelmaster’s UN Packaging has been drop-tested, stack-tested and Cobb Water Absorption Test-tested to earn your confidence, and our secure packing tape keeps everything sealed tight no matter how frightful the weather.

Happy Holidays from everyone at Labelmaster!

Santa sez, make sure your shipments are safe and in full compliance, with a full line of solutions from Labelmaster—a full-service provider of goods and services for hazardous materials and Dangerous Goods professionals, shippers, transport operators and EH&S providers.


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