‘Why do I need a new Air Regs book every year?’

Air Regulations Book

I’m often asked:   why do I need a new Air Regs book every year?  Always an interesting question and the answer changes every year!   For 2015 though, it’s really simple. This is an ICAO year, one in which there’s  a new edition of the ICAO Technical Instructions which is worldwide legal requirements for transporting dangerous goods by air. When the FAA or DOT comes to do an inspection, something they can do at any time without forewarning, they will want to see that your documentation and operations are current with the latest legal requirements (i.e., the 2015 – 2016 TIs).

Now, you might not think the changes in this year’s book affect your company, although I happen to think that almost everyone ships something with lithium batteries of one type or another from time to time. Telling the inspector that the changes don’t affect your operations won’t shorten the audit. So a new and current book on your bookshelf for ready reference will save a lot time and trouble, if you’ve done the research to make sure that you really don’t have to change any procedures.  And of course, you have to make sure your DG responsible staff have been brought up to speed, even if it’s to tell them that nothing’s changed for 2015 and their training is still good.

The 2015 AIR Shipper has been out for about a month now and as usual I’ll be updating the variations soon.  Mainly simplifications to the airline Lithium battery procedures in light of the latest ICAO requirements in this area.   I’ll be blogging on those soon.

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