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US Updates ICAO TI Variations

One of the missing pieces in the HM215-N update was a provision to allow for the carriage by air of UN 3528 and UN 3529.  (Flammable liquid and flammable gas powered engines).  With the publication of the latest edition of the ICAO Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air, the classification

The Hazmat Mothers’ Day Gift Guide—10 last-minute ideas

Nearly all hazmat professionals have mothers, are married to mothers or are themselves mothers. Yet to our knowledge, no one has ever has ever addressed the formative role our mothers may have played in our Dangerous Goods development, nor the critical question on everyone’s minds this week: What do I get Mom for Mothers’ Day?

Dangerous Goods Report | Vol. 8

Dangerous Goods Report | Vol. 8

Summary: DG Training Online—Compliance with Convenience. Dangerous Goods trainers embrace interactive online training as a stress-reducing solution. Integrated DG Software = Streamlined Compliance. Why more of today’s hazmat shippers are integrating DG software with their ERPs. State of the Ion. A snapshot of current lithium battery shipping regulations, and the packaging breakthrough that may make battery shipping less