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DG Digest: PHMSA Publishes its latest tranche of Special Permit actions

DG Digest: PHMSA Publishes its latest tranche of Special Permit actions

The third week of January finds us all still shivering as we endure the heart of the winter season. Hopefully, everyone is staying warm and keeping safe. January is a tough time of year, but it won’t last forever. Hang in there! Here’s the latest regulatory news: PHMSA The agency has published its latest tranche

DG Digest: PHMSA creates guidance document for micromobility devices powered by lithium ion batteries.

Brrrr!!! We’re getting into the coldest and snowiest part of the year in much of the country, and we have at least a couple of months to go to really see a chance of relief. So, make sure that your company’s winter weather plan is operating correctly. Snow and ice should be clear of pedestrian

DG Digest: US Postal Service proposal to impose new packaging requirements for hazmat consigned by mail.

Holiday reminder – if you’re shipping to a destination with the expectation of a pre-December 25th arrival, time is just about up! If you are consigning dangerous goods, the holiday doesn’t excuse us from ensuring compliance, so let’s all bear down through the rush and ship things in accordance with what we know is correct!

DG Digest: United States Postal Service proposing to require the hazardous materials icon in lieu of the service icon.

Holiday time bustle continues! Many workplaces will see a little short-handedness amongst the staff as employees take seasonal vacation periods, so let’s all make sure that we help the folks that are working to do so safely, avoiding “short-cuts” that may appear to save time or make up for someone not being present, but in

DG Digest: OSHA Advisory Committee to meet Dec 12th & U.S. EPA proposes including concept of ‘environmental justice’ into regulatory analysis

Welcome back all! Hopefully, everyone had a chance to rest, recharge, and enjoy the just-concluded Thanksgiving holiday period. This edition of the DG Digest is a “two-weeker,” given that there was no publication last Monday, the 19th. As one may therefore guess, any number of things popped up over the last fourteen days, so let’s

DG Digest: PHMSA announces virtual “Research & Technology Forum” that explores new ways of dealing with hazardous materials.

This edition of the DG Digest appears just as the nation wraps up the Veteran’s Day holiday. The Labelmaster family joins all Americans in saluting those who have served. Thank you! Here’s the regulatory news from the week just concluded: PHMSA The agency’s Office of Hazardous Materials Safety (OHMS) will hold a public Research, Development

DG Digest: EPA is working on adjustments within the universal waste regulations to improve safety standards and reduce fires from mismanaged end-of-life lithium batteries.

If you’re like many readers of this blog, you’re seeing this on Tuesday morning, after it appeared in your email overnight. If that’s you—Happy Halloween! Let’s all remember that the kids are going to be out in force for their treats in the evening, and they may not pay as much attention as they should