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DG Digest: FMCSA Proposal Would Reduce State Fees by 27% in 2022

DG Digest: FMCSA Proposal Would Reduce State Fees by 27% in 2022

It’s the middle of what is typically the worst month of winter weather over much of the country—let’s stay focused on keeping our employees safe, especially if your facility has work outside. Falls and frostbite are nothing to sniff at, and as HS&E professionals we need to stay on top of things. Keep walkways clear of

DG Digest: US Agencies Adjust Civil Penalties for 2022

As the week begins the nation honors the memory of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The Labelmaster family joins all Americans in recognizing the gigantic importance of Dr. King’s work and his lasting legacy. Mid-January finds the nation finished with the winter holidays and struggling with the inevitable resulting surge in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Many

DG Digest: U.S. DOT Releases Draft (FY 2022-2026) Strategic Framework

Happy New Year!  The week just ended finds the nation entering 2022 and finishing up another busy holiday season—now it’s time to bear down, get through the rest of the winter, and head into what we certainly all hope will be a springtime marked by progress and improvement.  If your resolutions include keeping up more

DG Digest: Transport Canada proposes new competency-based training requirement.

This blog appears at the beginning of the week prior to the Christmas holiday. The Labelmaster family would like to take this time to wish all our clients, friends, and readers a very happy holiday and a safe and peaceful gathering time with those you treasure. Here’s the latest regulatory news, including major news about

DG Digest: Transport Canada aligns new infectious substances and medical waste standards with latest UN Model Regulations

Here it is mid-December already. As the nation prepares to celebrate the end-of-year winter holidays, be sure that you help employees stay on task with safety. It’s easy to become distracted with everything going on. It was a fairly quiet week in the regulatory world; here’s the latest: Transport Canada The ministry published a new

DG Digest: Federal Highway Administration to Invest in EV Charging Accessibility, Per Recent Infrastructure Law

Hopefully everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday!  That holiday takes us into the busy end of year season with multiple other holidays and lots of people shopping, entertaining, and traveling. Be sure your employees have a chance to stay on task while in the workplace. As HSE professionals, let’s help our company keep work time safety time. No

DG Digest: OSHA emergency temporary standard ratified to protect unvaccinated workers of large employers

It was a quiet week in the regulatory world last week, perhaps a fitting entry into the holiday period.  The Labelmaster family would like to take this opportunity to wish each of our readers a healthy, safe, and happy Thanksgiving.  There were some technical legal developments in the ongoing actions surrounding the federal OSHA directed

DG Digest: Court upholds suspension of OSHA Covid-19 vaccine mandate for many U.S. workplaces

Here we are in mid-November. Winter is rolling in quickly, so make sure your workplace has its cold weather plan ready. Snow removal needs are already here for some northern and high elevation locations, with much of the rest of the country sure to follow soon. Don’t get caught unprepared! The week saw relatively limited