Dangerous Goods Report | Vol. 5

Lithium Battery Shipping—Retail Rolls with the Changes.

Cover Story: Challenging skies for lithium battery shippers. As lithium battery shipping regulations get even more complex and restrictive, retailers must adopt new processes and tactics.

A look inside UN-certified packaging. Do you need it? Is it worth it? And what do all those letters and numbers mean?

What’s your hazard class zodiac sign? Find out which one of the nine hazmat classes fits your personality!

You won’t get any static from us! How electrostatic dissipative (ESD) labels make workplaces safer.

There’s nothing adorable about seals. In Dangerous Goods, security seals are a critical component of shipping and storage security.

Labelmaster Solutions. Products and resources to keep your Dangerous Goods compliant and safe. Promotional pricing goes into effect 4/1/16.

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