DG Digest: ICAO/IATA and ADR react to the pandemic, FRA seeks comments on quarterly PTC form

The FRA published a proposal to revise its quarterly PTC progress reporting form.  In a St. Patrick’s Day appearance from last year, a bright green BNSF engine leads a train through Tacoma, Washington.  Image © 3/2019 by Nikki Burgess; all rights reserved.

As all of our readers know, the COVID-19 pandemic is now dominating the news and is affecting transport worldwide and well beyond impacts to private travelers. Its overall impact to industry and trade remains to be seen, but as dangerous goods professionals it’s our responsibility to keep things moving safely during this unsettled time. Let’s all work together to do that. It’s also the week of St. Patrick’s Day, and though this year’s greenish fun may be rather more subdued than is often the case, it’s nevertheless a chance for all of us to remember that life continues on and we should try to find opportunities for a little relaxation and enjoyment amid our cares. Along with items related to the pandemic, the week also featured other more routine (but no less important) regulatory news; here’s the latest:


The International Civil Aviation Organization has established a web page dedicated to COVID-19 news related to air transport issues. Though not specifically dangerous goods related, any issues affecting that segment may be reflected here if and as they may arise. Here’s a link to the page


The association published guidance for dangerous goods operators that may find themselves dealing with the transport of COVID-19 related substances and materials. The guidance also deals with the addition of sanitizing materials to aircraft equipment. See the guidance page right here

A guide to various government actions relating to the pandemic and that may affect IATA members can be found here


The regular Committee of Experts Working Group meeting for the transport of dangerous goods scheduled for mid-March in Bern, Switzerland has been canceled amid virus concerns. See the cancellation here


The agency released its latest set of Special Permit actions. They cover the usual gamut of activity; cylinders, batteries, portable tanks, and one-off transports. See the actions at the links here:


The agency released its first preliminary list of manufacturers and importers that may be subject to fees under the new risk evaluation protocols for certain high-risk chemicals. The agency has evaluated its first batch of such chemicals and as the program continues to roll out, it’s more chemicals will be evaluated and the set of companies that may be fee subject is likely to expand. See the latest information update here


The agency seeks comment on a proposed change to its quarterly PTC progress reporting form. The form is used to track the implementation of Positive Train Control on the nation’s rail system. Final implementation is due at the end of this year. See the proposed changes and ways to comment here

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