DG Digest: New IATA handling guides for lithium batteries and more civil penalty fee updates

IATA publishes an updated Lithium Battery Handling Guide and a Cargo, Mail and Baggage Handling Guide

Brrrr! It’s cold out! As we continue to slog through the worst part of winter, be sure that your employees are ready to cope with it safely in your workplace. That applies especially to any worker who is required to labor out-of-doors. It’s easy to have frostbite and other cold weather dangers suddenly become a problem, so let’s all stay focused on helping our colleagues be mindful. Mid-January finds the various regulatory bodies continuing to issue a variety of important updates and guidance aids. Here’s the latest:


The association published a pair of important guidance documents. The first is an updated Lithium Battery Handling Guide. This guide summarizes in one place the requirements for consigning lithium batteries under the IATA regulations and is of high interest to the DG community.

Find the new guide here.

The second document is of nearly equal interest. It is the 2023 IATA Cargo, Mail, and Baggage Handling Guide. This helpful document contains many important clues and rules in dealing with these commodities.

See the guide here.


The UNECE has published a Corrigendum to the 2023 ADR. The update is minor and only corrects a few minor editorial errors.

See it here.


The agency published its first 2023 raft of Special Permit actions. See the links below for all the latest developments:




Federal Agency Civil Penalty Fee Adjustments

Various agencies continue to issue these new year fiscal penalty adjustment updates. Here are links to the latest set:

USCG: 2023-00626

DOD: 2023-00579

DOE: 2023-00401

GSA: 2023-00722

DHS: 2023-00626

DOL: 2023-00271

NRC: 2022-28632

OSHA: 2023-00271

STB: 2023-00630.pdf

TSA: 2023-00626

USCS: 2023-00626

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