Time to get excited about the 2021 Dangerous Goods Symposium!

Does DG stand for “Delirious Groupies”?

Based on this new video, the answer is “yes.”


Okay, maybe you’ve never been that excited about an upcoming Dangerous Good Symposium. But there are lots of good reasons to be excited about the 16th annual Symposium this year.

What’s on tap for the Dangerous Goods Symposium?

Once again, the DG Symposium will be a virtual event. We know some of you may find that disappointing, since it means no drinks with old (and new) friends, no fun Thursday night games, and no catered meals.

On the other hand, it also means the DG Symposium is free to attend. Also, no travel expenses. Also—as our uber-exuberant fan mentions two or three times—it means you don’t have to wear pants.

Most important, however, it means you have free access to the biggest, most comprehensive line-up of Dangerous Goods experts we’ve ever presented. Here’s a partial list of the subjects, speakers, presenters and panelists you’ll find:

  • A Trainers’ Panel with Scott Dunsmore of Lion Technology, Jim Powell of TDG, LaQuita Donald of Genuine Parts, Katelin Maits of PHMSA and Geoff Leach of The Dangerous Goods Office, Ltd.
  • Domestic Regulatory Updates from Vinny Desiderio of the USPS, Shane Kelley of PHMSA and Ben Supko of the FAA
  • A session on DOT Audits from Katelin Maits
  • “Convince and Convert” with Laura Denk of eChoice Innovations
  • Updates from Mitch Payne and Sam Duchac of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security
  • International Regulatory Updates from Diego Gotelli of CIQUIME, Duane Pfund of PHMSA, Terry Guo of IHMM, Richard Masters of DG Masters Ltd, Dave Brennan of IATA and Krystal Vermeersch of KVS & Partners bv
  • Richard Masters on “The Suez Canal and other Water Related Issues”
  • “Shipping Damaged/Defective/Recalled Lithium Batteries” with Labelmaster’s Alicia Saenz, Thad Puccini, Brian Beetz and Bill Barger
  • The always-popular Lithium Battery Panel, with Geoff Leach, Dave Brennan, George Kerchner of PRBA, Bob McLelland of UPS and Doug Ferguson of Boeing

These virtual presentations will feature live Q & A sessions, so you’ll have a chance to pick the experts’ brains on the topics that matter the most to your hazmat shipping operation.

And remember, this is just a preliminary list. We’re adding new topics and speakers every week!

Where do I register for the DG Symposium?

This year’s Symposium, like last year’s will be hosted on the DG Exchange. To join these sessions live (or watch them on-demand later), you’ll need to be a DG Exchange member. If you haven’t already, you can set up a free account there in just minutes.

The DG Exchange is an online community where supply chain and business professionals can share ideas, learn and collaborate. Its forums, groups and events help everyone in the hazmat supply chain understand and navigate Dangerous Goods issues, challenges and trends.

Registration for DG Symposium events is now live, so you can head to the DG Exchange and reserve your spot now!

Don’t miss the Dangerous Goods event of the year—join our Delirious Groupie and other, somewhat saner DG supply chain pros at the 2021 DG Symposium!

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