9 improvements you can expect from smarter online hazmat training

Ever ask a sulky teenager to execute a household chore? They’ll do the bare minimum, but it’s easy to see that it could have been done better.

There’s a similar dynamic with Dangerous Goods training. The law says employees have to be trained if an organization ships or handles hazardous materials, and many companies do the bare minimum to comply. That’s okay—for organizations who are content to be middle of the pack.

On the other hand, more forward-thinking Dangerous Goods operations know better training is smarter business. They understand that a better-trained workforce gives them a competitive edge.

More engaging online hazmat training courses create a domino-effect of improvements for your Dangerous Goods operation. One improvement leads to another, which leads to yet another—and the end result is a more efficient, more confident, more compliant operation. Here’s a list of the improvements you’ll see.

#1: Better engagement with training materials

The first improvement you’ll see with better hazmat training is that employees are more engaged with the courses they’re taking. Many online courses are dry and dull, but Labelmaster courses feature animated graphics and frequent knowledge checks. And several of our most popular courses come (at no extra charge) with a game-inspired, 3D interactive experience that helps employees practice what they’ve learned in a realistic warehouse setting.

That’s why 94% of our customers call Labelmaster online training “fun and engaging.”

#2: Better connection with next-gen learning styles

Different generations learn differently. Younger people prefer to learn through immersive, online engagement like that offered by Labelmaster training modules.

It’s not just about helping your organization’s millennials and Gen Z-ers learn more about Dangerous Goods regulations. It’s about making them your next generation of subject matter experts—the people your teams lean on for hazmat-related best practices.

#3: Better retention of Dangerous Goods regulatory details

Dangerous Goods training is packed with information about regulations and regulatory procedures. It can be hard to remember all of it—but research demonstrates that people retain more information when they enjoy the delivery method.

(Case in point: How many Baby Boomers still remember their grammar rules from the Schoolhouse Rock cartoons 40 years ago?)

Our fun, engaging hazmat training modules help people remember more of the critical details they need to ship Dangerous Goods compliantly.

#4: Fewer errors when preparing shipments

When people remember more details about Dangerous Goods regulations, they make fewer errors when they prepare, package, label and document Dangerous Goods shipments. And fewer compliance errors mean …

#5: Reduced delays and returns

When your team reduces compliance errors, your shipments are less likely to be held up by inspectors. You’re likely to experience fewer shipments being delayed or returned, which results in …

#6: Elevated on-time performance (and happier supply chain partners)

Reducing delays, naturally, means a higher percentage of shipments reach their destinations on schedule. Want to keep your customers and supply chain partners happy? Get them their stuff on time!

Smart operations know there’s a big difference between 99% on-time and 99.9% on-time.

#7: Reduced civil penalties for Dangerous Goods violations

Packages which are compliantly labeled, marked, packaged and documented don’t incur civil penalties. Since better training helps reduce compliance errors, you can draw a direct line from improved training to improved bottom-line performance.

Some organizations don’t track the penalties they pay every year for Dangerous Goods violations, because individual penalties usually aren’t very costly. But frequent violations can add up to a significant chunk of bottom-line pain over the course of a year—so smart organizations do everything they can to avoid them.

#8: No wasting time on unnecessary material

One complaint many companies have about online hazmat training is that they have to sit through a lot of material that doesn’t pertain to their operation. Not only does this make it harder for trainees to focus on the material they do need, but it also hurts productivity by taking them off the floor longer than necessary.

That’s why we offer such a comprehensive library of Dangerous Goods training modules—so you can zero in on the exact courses your team needs. For example, we offer five different training courses on lithium battery transport alone.

(To see which courses your teams need, check out our infographic, Who Needs Dangerous Goods Training? And What Kind?)

If our extensive selection still doesn’t meet your exact needs, ask us about customized training courses focused on the items you ship most.

#9: More confidence in your overall compliance

When you combine greater engagement, better retention, reduced errors, better on-time performance, reduced penalties and training that’s better tailored to your operation, the overall impact is that everyone on your team will be more confident that every Dangerous Goods shipment is compliant.

That’s the ultimate improvement that happens when companies recognize that better training is smarter business.

See how Labelmaster online training can make your business smarter today.

Make sure your shipments are safe and in complete compliance with a full line of solutions from Labelmaster—a full-service provider of goods and services for hazardous materials and Dangerous Goods professionals, shippers, transport operators and EH&S providers.


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