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DG Digest: Federal agencies publish semi-annual agendas

DG Digest: Federal agencies publish semi-annual agendas

After a busy regulatory period for the last blog entry, this last week featured a much quieter time. Meanwhile summer goes on, so keep watching those heat safety risks. And don’t forget to have a little fun—August is the last month of summer, so be sure to try and enjoy it! Here’s the latest news:

Transport Canada publishes a large miscellaneous update to its TDG regulations

Here we are sweltering in late July! Much of the nation is in the grip of record-breaking heat, so all of us need to be sure to pay extra attention to heat safety—let’s keep our fellow employees protected from heat exhaustion and heat stroke, both potentially dangerous conditions that can severely injure or even be

DG Digest: PHMSA seeks feedback on modernization of its Hazardous Materials Regulations

Now that the Independence Day holiday has come and gone, here we are in the full swing of summer. Make sure that your workplace has a solid plan in place to mitigate the effects of the inevitable hot weather, and to safely account for the absence of employees that are away on vacation—it’s “prime time”

DG Digest: PHMSA publishes rule which requires rail carriers to provide greater levels of information about hazardous materials.

PHMSA published the proposed rule discussed here last week which will require rail carriers to provide greater levels of information about hazardous materials in train consists to first responders when potentially dangerous incidents occur. A BNSF train rolls through a curve near Rock Island, Washington in July of 2017. Image © 7/2017 by Nikki Burgess;

DG Digest: PHMSA to formally announce HM-263, a sharp change in the way rail carriers track and report hazmat in transport.

Heading towards the Independence Day holiday, the regulatory news is mostly about reporting requirements. The recent large train derailment in Ohio has definitely energized Congress and regulators to take a harder look at what kind of information should be available to emergency response personnel from subject carriers. Here’s the latest: PHMSA In an early notice

PHMSA terminates Explosive (EX) classification approvals for holders who can’t prove successful tests.

Here’s the latest news from what was a quiet regulatory week: PHMSA The agency announced that it has terminated the Explosive (EX) classification approvals listed in the linked-to notice. PHMSA published a Federal Register Notice on May 4, 2021, notifying the approval holders listed that PHMSA intended to terminate their approvals for failure to provide

The EPA has published new guidance related to the characterization of waste related to lithium batteries.

It’s the first week of June and here comes summer! If you haven’t yet implemented your workplace’s summer heat illness and injury prevention program, now’s the time!  Heat stress and heat stroke are among the most common workplace illnesses and the summertime is the biggest period of the year where they tend to occur. Help

PHMSA publishes its newest international harmonization proposal. The NPRM is HM-215Q

PHMSA As just noted above, in a major action the agency has published its newest international harmonization proposal. The NPRM is HM-215Q and will align current US 49 CFR HMR regulations more closely with the current UN structure found in the ICA/IATA, IMDG, and UNMR texts. Highlights include: • Incorporation by Reference: PHMSA proposes to