The Hazmat Fathers’ Day Gift Guide—personalize like a DG pro

With Fathers’ Day coming up, we at Labelmaster feel it’s time to address something many fathers secretly dread—adorable, personalized gifts.

A coffee mug or a silly tie might provoke a smile, but if you’re going to personalize anything, make it a hazmat resource that makes a hazmat dad’s job easier! Our Personalized Products page offers dozens of examples, from waste labels to shipping forms, of products that can make any Dangerous Goods shipping operation more efficient and compliant.

In the spirit of last month’s first-ever Hazmat Mother’s Day Gift Guide, here’s a guide to the customized resources every hazmat dad really needs (and the adorable stuff he doesn’t).

  1. Personalized Waste Labels vs. personalized coffee mugs

Dad might enjoy showing off his mug with the kids’ pictures on it—for a day or two. But personalized, preprinted waste labels, with most fields already filled out, will save him time (and help avoid manual entry errors) every single day.

  1. Personalized Proper Shipping Name Labels vs. personalized picture frames

Dads love pictures of their kids—with or without a custom frame. But preprinted, personalized shipping name labels help Dad comply with both hazard class labeling and proper shipping name labeling. Add the UN number and proper shipping name to get time-saving, more accurate labels that make ordinary labels look, well, ordinary.

  1. Personalized Lithium Battery Labels vs. personalized ties

Sure, those ties with pictures of kids are adorable. But that cute tie won’t help Dad when he’s labeling lithium battery shipments to comply with the latest change in regulations. Adding the battery type and company info to every preprinted label saves Dad time and headaches.

  1. Personalized 4-Digit Placards vs. personalized photo albums

Putting together one of those custom albums with photos and stories takes a lot of time. So does attaching UN numbers to a shipping placard, one number at a time, when it’s 95 degrees outside and the truck’s already two hours behind schedule. Trust us: Dad will appreciate the personalized placards more.

  1. Imprinted Number Panels for Blank Placards vs. personalized whiskey crates

Does Dad really need his initials inscribed on a decanter and matching tumblers—with no whiskey in them? That makes about as much sense as giving him blank hazmat placards. Of course, if he already has blank hazmat placards, then these preprinted number panels are guaranteed to hit the spot.

  1. Personalized Color Labels vs. personalized barbecue aprons

Sorry, kids—real dads don’t wear aprons when they grill. (In some cultures, it’s considered unmanly to even wear a shirt!) But every hazmat dad can enjoy personalized blazer labels, with virtually any message preprinted on any shape or color—on paper or weather-resistant PVC.

  1. Personalized Hazcom Labels vs. personalized fishing lures

Okay, we’ll admit personalized fishing lures are pretty clever, but they don’t help Dad catch any more fish. Personalized hazcom labels, on the other hand, help Dad keep everyone safer by adding specific chemical names and information to HMIS, THIS®, NFPA® and GHS labels.

  1. Personalized Security Seals vs. personalized golf club covers

Personalized security seals are the linchpin of a hazmat security seal control program—a system of procedures that documents what’s been secured, when it was secured and with what seal. Personalized golf club covers, however, are just plain goofy.

  1. Personalized Dangerous Goods Shipping Forms vs. personalized luggage

Personalized luggage may save Dad seconds at baggage claim, but preprinted personalized DG shipping forms will save him hours of headache-inducing form filling-out. Besides, personalized luggage makes Dad look like a dork.

But wait, there’s more! Don’t forget about personalized Quantity Labels, Numbered Labels and Custom Length Labels.

Happy Fathers’ Day from everyone at Labelmaster!

Every dad knows to keep shipments safe and in full compliance with a full line of solutions from Labelmaster—a full-service provider of goods and services for hazardous materials and Dangerous Goods professionals, shippers, transport operators and EH&S providers.

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