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Why isn’t anyone talking about blockchain in hazmat shipping?

Why isn’t anyone talking about blockchain in hazmat shipping?

Imagine you’re a distributor for a line of electronic devices powered by lithium batteries. You don’t make the devices, and you don’t source the batteries, but if one of those devices catches fire on its way to a retailer, you’re the one whose bottom line will suffer. Wouldn’t you like to be 100% sure that

New trucking technology startups may change how hazmat gets shipped

A few weeks back, we wrote about the pros and cons of autonomous trucks hauling hazmat. But while autonomous vehicles get all the headlines these days, there are lots of new technologies and innovative approaches poised to transform trucking as we know it. Some of these innovations are already here; some may be many years

Can autonomous trucks handle hazmat shipments safely?

You’ve probably seen a number of articles and videos over the last year or so, proclaiming that autonomous vehicles—also known as “driverless” cars and trucks—will be commonplace on our highways within a few years. That future is coming, and maybe sooner than a lot of folks thought. Last October, an autonomous truck created by Otto