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DG Digest: EPA Awards, Sleep Disorder Testing, and 2016 ERGs on Press Now!

DG Digest: EPA Awards, Sleep Disorder Testing, and 2016 ERGs on Press Now!

Happy May Day!  Hopefully, the date signals a final end of winter weather, wherever you are.  Here are last week’s updates from the world of Dangerous Goods and EH&S: U.S. EPA: The EPA issued an information collection request for operators of hazardous waste storage, treatment, and disposal facilities.  EPA contends that the comprehensive request will

DG Digest: OSHA’s Interest in Benzene, PHMSA Guidance to Firework Makers, and FRA Lists Most Dangerous Crossings

It’s the last week of April already!  Hope everyone is thinking spring by now.  Here the latest’s news of note in the worlds of Dangerous Goods and EH&S: OSHA:  OSHA released a new information collection request in reference to Benzene, a common industrial chemical used in many applications but that has hazardous qualities that make

DG Digest: LithBat Webinar on Wednesday, EPA on Hydrological Alteration, and the TSA’s BASE Program

As part of our nation basks in Spring warmth and other areas get snowed under, the DG news flow this week was a little more quiet than has been the recent norm.  Here are the most relevant briefs: Special Lithium Battery Regulatory Update Webinar: Shipping Lithium Batteries by air remains a huge topic of interest

DG Digest: PHMSA Adopts ICAO Battery Rules, EPA Sets New Limits for TCE, and New Coast Guard Vessel Tracking System

It’s been another busy week in the world of Dangerous Goods and EH&S.  Here’s a few of the highlights: Transport Canada: Our neighbor’s version of the USDOT released a proposed revision to their performance standard for aerosol containers and gas cartridges. The revision is intend to increase the level of safety for these items and

DG Digest: FRA Grants, PHMSA Reverse Logistics, & D.O.T. Seeks Public’s Help

As the weather begins to turn for the better in most places, the regulatory world stays busy. Here are the past week’s notables: U.S. D.O.T. Announced its latest five-year research and development plan and asked for public input to its development. The plan gets used as a guide to help decide things like funding priorities

DG Digest: FRA Minimum Crews, PHMSA Special Permits, and Coast Guard Drones

Welcome to Spring!  Here’s the latest news from another busy week in the world of Dangerous Goods, EH&S, and associated regulations: Federal Railroad Administration: The FRA issued a new proposed rule which would mandate two-person minimum crews for all trains operating with certain commodities and under certain conditions; this in continued response to the Lac

DG Digest: MH370 Anniversary Fuels Speculation, Guide to Paraquat Hazard Mitigation

Another busy week in the world of Dangerous Goods, EH&S, and associated regulations: FMCSA:  The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) extended the comment period for its proposed rulemaking revising the way in it assigns “Carrier Safety Fitness Determinations.” These determinations can be important to carriers for reasons like frequency of inspections, insurance costs, and

DG Digest: From OSHA’s “Flashpoint” Definition to FRA’s Quiet Zones

Another eventful week on the DG/Transport Scene! OSHA OSHA issued a revised definition of “Flashpoint,” correcting a CFR omission in its most recent iteration of the 29 CFR. OSHA has partnered with the National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH) to create a new informational website which offers greatly enhanced safety guidance for users