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4 Secrets of Compliant Dangerous Goods Shippers

4 Secrets of Compliant Dangerous Goods Shippers

By Katy Schroedl, ProShip, Inc.: With hazardous material shipments accounting for roughly 20% of the total volume of all shipments, Dangerous Goods (DG) shippers recognize the value in these shipments. While DG shipments can seem to be a complex and restrictive subset of the supply chain, they are a necessary challenge for so many brands

DG Report Vol. 11

Dangerous Goods Report | Vol. 11

Summary: Volume 11 of the Dangerous Goods Report focuses on how today’s “I want it now” e-commerce consumer has forced every supply chain organization to rethink and re-engineer how they do business. How do Dangerous Goods professionals ensure compliance in the new decentralized, omnichannel e-commerce environment? Hazmat transport in today’s “get it tomorrow” world. How top