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What's Your Hazard Class Zodiac Sign?

Infographic | Hazard Class Zodiac

Infographic | Hazard Class Zodiac

If you’re a Dangerous Goods professional, you believe in science, not superstition. You’d never go in for all that astrological nonsense, would you? Still, even DG pros want to know what the future holds in store. That’s why we created the Hazard Class Zodiac. Find your “sign” to learn everything about your personality, your ideal

10 must-have items for hazmat shipping when it’s freaking cold

If you’re transporting Dangerous Goods anywhere north of Arizona this time of year, it seems like every conversation starts like this: “Cold out.” “Yeah. Supposed to get colder.” “Really? $*%#@!” But Dangerous Goods shipments don’t care if your eyelashes freeze together or your fingertips go numb. You have to keep your shipments safe and on-time—but